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Fishing Daytona Beach in Autumn

Autumn Fishing Trips
with On The Hook Charters
in Daytona Beach, Florida

Fishing in Daytona Beach is AWESOME in Autumn!

Autumn is the time of year when everything is biting in the Daytona Beach area! All our favorite saltwater species of fish are on the move, migrating south to follow the warmer waters. They are also following bait fish species such as mullet and other important food sources that are migrating as well. We’re talking Offshore species such as Sailfish and Cobia, Nearshore species such as Tarpon and Sharks and even Inshore species such as Snook and Speckled Sea Trout. Tarpon fishing is at it’s absolute best in Daytona Beach during the Autumn when the tarpon are moving down coast for warmer water as the temperatures cool!

And it doesn’t matter where you fish, weather permitting, fish are biting! From the deeper offshore waters off the coast of Daytona Beach, to nearshore waters near the beaches, to the the inlets and jetties to the Halifax River (Intracoastal Waterway) and Mosquito Lagoon (The Redfish Capital of the World) you will catch fish!

The only time of year that compares to fishing this good near Daytona Beach is in the Spring from March through May when the same species of fish are heading in the opposite direction along the coast. Many species make these same long migrations each year along the Atlantic Coast from as far north as Chesapeake Bay and New England to as far South as South Florida and the Bahamas.

Offshore Fishing in the Daytona Beach area is absolutely fantastic in the Autumn months!

Offshore species caught this time of year include many large gamefish species such as King Mackerel, Cobia, Wahoo and Sailfish and even the occasional Blue Marlin, all of which are migrating south along the Atlantic Coast as they follow their food sources which are also migrating south. About the middle of October, Sailfish begin to show up in good numbers as they head south along the coast.

And don’t forget Dolphinfish also known as Mahi-Mahi. These tasty fish can be caught in large numbers during the Autumn months. As the offshore waters cool, typically at the end of September, more and more mahi-mahi show up. The cooler waters bring more baitfish which in turn brings even more mahi-mahi to the waters around Daytona Beach. Captain Corey of On The Hook Charters has lots of experience catching mahi-mahi and recommends the Autumn months as the best time of year for catching this highly valued fish. Trolling offshore is the best method of catching Mahi-Mahi and offers the best technique for catching other big gamefish from Wahoo to Sailfish.

Offshore fishing charters near Daytona Beach in the Autumn are off the charts for great bottom fishing! There are many hot bottom fishing spots offshore near Daytona Beach that are man made such as wrecks of old ships and barges, bridge rubble, telephone poles, culverts and other debris that make perfect man made reefs just teaming with fish. Over time, corals and other invertebrates wind up covering these man made structures. They become home to small fish and crustaceans and in turn these become food for a wide variety of highly desirable bottom hugging fish species. There are also many natural rock reefs and rock ledges as well that not only offer food for fish but shelter from the Gulf Stream current. Some of the bottom hugging species you’ll catch while bottom fishing these waters include Grouper, especially Gag Grouper, and Snapper especially Red Snapper, Mangrove or Gray Snapper and Mutton Snapper.

It takes an experienced fishing charter guide to know where these bottom fishing honey holes are located off the coast of Daytona Beach. Don’t forget that Captain Corey Simmons has been fishing these Daytona Beach waters for over 30 years. For the best chances of having an absolutely unforgettable fishing trip, get together with Captain Corey of On The Hook Charters. Especially during the autumn months when the fish are migrating, their food sources are migrating, and the fish you want to catch are in a feeding frenzy!

You don’t have to go far out to catch plenty of great fish during the Autumn months!

Nearshore fishing off Daytona Beach is that magical zone where inshore species meet offshore species and offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities. Typically no more than 3 miles out, nearshore fishing charters take almost no time to reach their targeted fishing spots. A Daytona Beach nearshore fishing charter in the fall offers some of the most desirable species caught any time of the year. These include Tarpon, Redfish, Flounder, Pampano, Sheepshead, Spotted Sea Trout, Weakfish and plenty of Sharks!

Tarpon are found throughout Florida’s coastal ecosystems during the summer but as the waters cool in the autumn, they migrate south to concentrate in South Florida. They can be found in nearshore waters off Daytona Beach as they move south especially feeding around around jetties and inlets. Tarpon are also numerous in the Halifax River (Intracoastal Waterway) this time of year.

Sharks are just offshore near the beaches year round in Daytona Beach and are especially numerous and easy to catch as they hunt the migrating bait fish.

Big Bull Redfish are nearshore in autumn following schools of bait fish through the inlets. Juvenile Redfish inhabit brackish rivers, bays, canals, tidal creeks and other saltwater estuaries up to about four years of age when they typically move offshore to breed.

Spotted Sea Trout or “Speckled Trout” are typically found in all the saltwater and brackish estuaries near Daytona Beach but are also common nearshore just off the Daytona area beaches especially near inlets.

Weakfish, a tasty Atlantic coastal fish similar to Speckled Sea Trout, are migrating from the estuaries through the inlets to offshore during the fall months of September, October and November.

Sheepshead are very common during the autumn months where they can be found in huge schools along the coast as well as in the estuaries.

Florida Pompano are common in nearshore waters, especially along sandy beaches, over oyster banks and grassbeds.

Flounder inhabit a wide variety of coastal habitats from brackish rivers, bays and estuaries to just offshore along the beaches off Daytona Beach.

Autumn is the perfect time of year for an inshore fishing charter in Daytona Beach.

The weather is prefect and the fish are plentiful during the Autumn migrations. As the weather cools and offers anglers relief from the hot Florida summer sun, a Daytona Beach inshore fishing charter is perfect for both experienced anglers and newbees to Florida fishing trips. The frequent autumn winds have much less affect on the inshore waters than offshore which makes it a lot easier to schedule an inshore charter. The Halifax River (Intracoastal Waterway) and Mosquito Lagoon (The Redfish Capital of the World) are a maze of saltwater and brackish estuaries, creeks and river mouths and home to a wide variety of desirable species.

This is the time to catch Tarpon in Daytona Beach. Tarpon fishing is really good this time of year as the Tarpon are migrating south for the winter and feeding on the plentiful migrating bait fish along the way. The “Big Boys” are around jetties, inlets and along the Intracoastal Waterway (Halifax River). Tarpon are super powerful fighters! The Florida State Record for a Tarpon is 243 pounds but even a 15 pound juvenile will put up an awesome fight. Hooking a big Tarpon isn’t easy and it takes an experienced fishing guide like Captain Corey to put you on one but the Autumn months are the best time of year to hook into a fighting Tarpon in the Daytona Beach area.

The big breeder Redfish can be found all around your major inlets during the Autumn months including Ponce Inlet near Daytona Beach. Especially well known for big Redfish is the nearly land locked Mosquito Lagoon where the breeders tend to stay throughout their life span instead of moving offshore as they mature. Captain Corey’s On The Hook Fishing Charters offers fishing trips to both Ponce Inlet and Mosquito Lagoon.

Snook fishing is on fire this time of year as Snook move south in the Halifax River (Intracoastal Waterway). Captain Corey knows the habits and migrations of Snook especially well and would be more than happy to target these popular fish on a Daytona Beach inshore fishing charter.

Of course there are plenty of Speckled Sea Trout and Flounder this time of year. These great tasting fish are especially popular catches on inshore fishing charters but don’t overlook Black Drum. Unlike their cousin the Redfish (or Red Drum), Black drum are primarily inshore and nearshore fish that do not move offshore as they mature. They and are found throughout the year in the Halifax River. The best part is their size with the Florida State Record at 96 lbs, caught near Fernandina Beach just up the coast from Daytona Beach.

Sharks are everywhere this time of year!

During the Autumn months of September, October and November, sharks are in a feeding frenzy inshore, offshore and nearshore following the migrating bait fish. Ask Captain Corey about his Shark Fishing Trips. These are some of his most popular Daytona Beach fishing charters.

If you want to do some serious fishing and you’re not tied into the typical Florida tourist seasons of Summer when the kids are out of school or Winter when the snowbirds come south, hop on board a Daytona Beach fishing charter during the Autumn months of September, October and November. The weather is perfect and there are more fish to catch than at any other time of year except maybe during the Spring when migrating fish are headed the opposite direction. And don’t forget, Captain Corey of On The Hook Charters has over 30 years of experience fishing around Daytona Beach.

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