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Boating Lessons

Learn to Handle Your Boat
Like a Pro!

Private Boating Lessons with Captain Corey Simmons of On The Hook Charters in Daytona Beach, Florida

Your Instructor,
Captain Corey Simmons

Don’t Let This Happen To You!

Master the Art of Boating!

Captain Corey Simmons offers Private Boating Instructions in the Daytona Beach area.  Instructions include boat handling on and off the water, at ramps, islands, reefs, and trolling around other boats, people and wildlife!
All boating instructions with Captain Corey are one on one, on your boat and personalized based on your experience level, your boat, your motor(s) and your additional boating gear and equipment.
Captain Corey will come to your location or favorite boat ramp.

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Spot Sandbars before it’s too late!

Controlling Your Boat & Trailer

At the Boat Ramp
1) Trailer Loading and Unloading
Learn how to single handedly load and unload your boat on and off your trailer.
2) Common Boat Ramp Etiquette
The Do’s and Don’t’s at the public boat ramp.
What to do when the boat ramp looks busy.

At the Dock
1) Docking 101
Learn to pull up to the dock with ease without smashing your boat or breaking cleats, etc.
Safe techniques for on boarding and off boarding passengers.

On the Water
1) Piloting Your Boat
Common best boating practices, regulations and etiquette.
Navigation fundamentals and tips every boater should know.
Maneuvering on the waterways with boat traffic.
What to do when there are big boats or big waves approaching your boat.
Boating tips and techniques including plaining, breaking and judging speeds and distances on the water.
How to achieve the safest and most comfortable ride on your boat.
How to avoid creating wakes.
2) Anchoring Your Boat
How to properly anchor your boat under various conditions.
Anchoring over reefs and in channels.
3) Night Time Boating
What you should know about safe boating at night from running lights to unseen hazards.
4) Fishing From Your Boat
Tips for safely maneuvering and positioning your boat with multiple anglers on board.
5) Know Your Equipment
Everything you should know about every accessory on your boat including safety devices, trolling motors, GPS devices, VHS radios, FishFinders and even fishing gear.

On the Road
1) Hitching and Unhitching
Proper techniques for safely hitching and unhitching your trailer.
2) Trailer Towing
Techniques for maneuvering your boat and trailer.
What you should know about driving with a boat and trailer in tow.

Boating Safety
1) How to avoid accidents and injuries when boating.
2) Safety tips when maneuvering near other boats, swimmers, divers and wildlife.
3) Understanding channel markers and other signs on the water.
4) How to keep from swamping your boat.
5) How to determine if weather conditions are safe for boating.
6) How to handle your boat when the weather suddenly turns bad.
7) How to spot sand bars.
8) What to do if you break down.
9) Understanding safety equipment from personal floatation devices to VHF radio.
10) How to spot a problem before you’re in it.

Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) Navigation
The Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) is a 3,000-mile inland waterway running from Boston, Massachusetts around the southern tip of Florida all the way to Brownsville, Texas. In Volusia County, home to Daytona Beach, the ICW follows the Halifax and Indian Rivers with plenty of obstacles from bridges to manatee speed zones. Like a highway on the water, the ICW has traffic, rules and dangers. Your private boat lessons with Captain Corey can be customized to include instructions and boat handling on the ICW. You’ll learn all about channel markers, buoys, horn signals, danger zones, turns and shallows and everything you need to know to safely navigate the ICW.

Preventive Maintenance
Simple maintenance tips that will help avoid break downs on the water and on the road.
Learn what you can do to keep your Boat, Motor and Trailer running reliably and smoothly.

Boat, Motor and Trailer Inspection
Captain Corey will conduct a review of your boat, motor, trailer and accessories to help identify any issues that could result in a problem on the water or on the road. In addition Captain Corey will help you develop your own checklist that you can use to help prevent problems in the future.


What types of boats does Captain Corey offer private boating lessons for?
Captain Corey has experience on, and is qualified to offer boating instructions for a wide variety of power boats form jon boats to yachts. Instructions are offered for the operation of single and twin Vee hulls, pontoon boats, catamarans, house boats, fishing boats, cuddy and cabin boats, speed boats, center console and bow-rigged boats powered by inboard or outboard, 2 stroke or 4 stroke motors.
Captain Corey does NOT offer instructions in the operation of sailboats, jet skis or airboats.


What size boats does Captain Corey offer private boating lesssons for?
Any vessel up to 100 tons net weight (without cargo or passengers)
This can include watercraft as small as a jon boat and as big as a yacht.
Captain Corey has a US Coast Guard 100 Ton Master Captain’s license. Under USCG guidelines, boats are measured by weight, not length, but the 100 ton limit will include any boat that can be trailered by a non commercial vehicle such as a car, SUV or pickup truck. Even most 70 foot motor yachts fall within the 100 ton limit of Captain Corey’s USCG license.


Captain Corey Simmons has been a U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain since 2004 and currently holds a USCG 100 Ton Master Captain License with Towing Endorsement.

Captain Corey has worked professionally on fishing boats as a commercial fisherman since 1986. He is a friendly, outgoing boater and a full time professional fishing guide. He is a patient instructor in the art of fishing as well as the skills and responsibilities of safe boating!

Captain Corey has been a resident of Volusia County, Florida (home to Daytona Beach) since 1981 where he actively participates in local civic organizations that enhance the quality of life for residents of our community and the preservation of Florida marine habitats.

Captain Corey’s Boating Experience and Ties to the Local Community includes:

• Commercial Fisherman since 1986
• 2004-Present: Charter Boat Captain
• 2006-2008: Relief Captain for Critter Fleet
• 2007-Present: Owner of On The Hook Charters
@onthehookcharters on Facebook or Instagram
YouTube channel On The Hook Charters Daytona Beach, FL
Many 5 star reviews on Google & TripAdvisor
• 2004-2007 First Mate Critter Fleet
• 1995-2004 Second Mate Critter Fleet
• 2008-Present Offers Private Boat Lessons
• 2018 Guest Speaker for celebrity fishing guide George Poveromo at National Seminar Series
• 2019 Host Speaker for Bass Pro Shop’s Pomano Seminar
• 2020 Guest Speaker for HSFC Annual Fishing Seminar
• 2020 Featured on TV Show “Destination La-Mer” a Canadian Travel Show representing Fishing Charters for Daytona Beach, Florida
• 2020 Approved Florida Friendly Fishing Guide

Member of local fishing and business organizations including:

• FWC Tagging Program approved Charter Captain
• Turtle Card Holder
• CCA Florida Partner, Member & Sponsor
• Catch a Memory Florida Partner
• Member of several area fishing clubs with long standing ties to the community since 1981
• Central Florida Offshore Anglers
• Halifax Sport Fishing Club
• CCA Florida
• Chamber of Commerce
• 2nd Place East Coast Surf Association 1992
• Grandparents were Santa & Mrs. Claus at Volusia Mall 1992-2004

Member of several boating industry Captain Programs including:

• Okuma
• Suzuki
• Costa

Sponsor of these Daytona Beach Area Charity Fundraising Events:

• Kids Can Fish Too
• Daytona Christian Academy Silent Auction
• American Cancer Society Relay For Life
• Boy Scouts
• I.D. for Homeless Drive
• Messengers for Homeless Vets
• Bikes For Kids Christmas Drive
• Pine Ridge School Choir
• Atlantic H.S.
• Many other local Benefits as needed

Captain Corey (in blue shirt) is the Guest Speaker in 2020 for HSFC Annual Fishing Seminar


Boating Instuction Prices are based on the size of your boat.
Call Captain Corey at 386-631-8030 for price and availability!

All boating instructions with Captain Corey are one on one, on your boat and personalized based on your experience level, your boat, your motor(s) and your additional boating gear and equipment.  Captain Corey will come to your location or favorite boat ramp.

Captain Corey (in turquoise shirt) giving boating lessons to the owner of a brand new 2020 32’ C Hawk with twin 2020 250 HP Suzuki Outboards.