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Summer means deep sea fishing in Daytona Beach

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Summer Fishing Charters with Captain Corey’s
On The Hook Charters in Daytona Beach, Florida

June, July and August

Summer is the Time for Fishing in Daytona Beach!

Summer days in Daytona Beach were made for fishing. The warm sunny days are cooled by ocean breezes and the water is the bluest, clearest and most beautiful it will be all year! Every fish species is voraciously feeding in the warm summer water and hungry for your bait. The best part is the Summer weather in Daytona Beach is predictable with perfect mornings and possible afternoon rains. Unless a tropical storm comes around, this will be the weather forecast for fishing in Daytona Beach all summer long
Captain Corey offers Summer Fishing Trips in Daytona Beach, Florida
If you're planning a trip to Daytona Beach this summer, you'll want to go fishing with Captain Corey of On the Hook Charters! Captain Corey is a Florida native, born and raised here in the Daytona Beach area. He has been fishing both the inshore and the offshore waters of Daytona Beach for over 28 years as both a a professional fishing guide and a commercial fisherman. Captain Corey is an extremely friendly guide who loves showing first timers of all ages the fun and excitement of saltwater fishing!

Deep Sea Fishing in the Summer in Daytona BeachDeep Sea Fishing is King during the Summertime in Daytona Beach!
Call it what you want, Offshore, Deep Sea or Blue Water Fishing, the Atlantic Ocean is the place to be when fishing this summer in Daytona Beach!
 Winter weather can be rough and Spring and Autumn weather can be unpredictable but Summer weather in Daytona Beach, with the occasional exception of a tropical storm, is pretty much the same day to day, perfect mornings and possible afternoon rains! This makes a morning fishing trip out to the reefs a must for any angler visiting Daytona Beach this summer!
More information on our Offshore Fishing Charters page.

Inshore Fishing in the Summer in Daytona BeachInshore Fishing is Peaking in the Summer months in Daytona Beach!
Don't forget Captain Corey's inshore fishing charters available right on the Halifax River.
 Just south of Daytona Beach, the undeveloped Halifax River basin becomes a prime estuary for all your favorite Florida inshore species: Redfish, Spotted Sea Trout, Mangrove Snapper and don't forget Snook and Tarpon especially near the end of the Summer. There are plenty more to catch on inshore fishing charters with Captain Corey including Black Drum, Flounder, Pompano, Jack Crevalle, Spanish Mackerel and even sharks.
More information on our Inshore Fishing Charters page.

Shark Fishing in the Summer in Daytona BeachSummertime Shark Fishing Trips in Daytona Beach
Forget Shark Week! Shark fishing is all year long in Daytona Beach!
Captain Corey offers special Shark Fishing Trips all summer long. These are Nearshore fishing trips where sharks patrol the waters just beyond the breakers off the beach. Few tourists are aware of just how many sharks are right there near the shore. Let’s go get ‘em!!!
For more information see our Shark Fishing Trips page.

Let's Go Fishing Offshore!
Snapper are plentiful during the Summer months


Daytona Beach is a Reef Fishing Paradise! The Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Daytona Beach is home to deep water natural reefs and one of the largest artificial reef systems in Florida!

Captain Corey is especially familiar with the extensive artificial reef system established by Volusia County in 1980, when the USS Mindanao was sunk as an artificial reef. (Volusia County is where Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach and Ponce Inlet are located) The artificial reef project has been such a huge success that there are now 15 artificial reef sites off the coast of Daytona Beach! The artificial reef sites range from less than one mile to 33 miles off the coast of Daytona Beach in waters ranging from just 37 feet to 135 feet in depth.

The natural coral reefs, known as the Oculina Coral Reefs are about 25 miles off the coast of Daytona Beach in 200 to 300 feet of water. The artificial reefs have added plenty of new habitats for many of the same bottom loving species that inhabit the natural reefs. Bottom fishing is equally good at both the natural and artificial reefs and give local fishing charter captains like Captain Corey plenty of extra options when planning an offshore trip.

Snapper Heaven!
Over a dozen snapper species are found when reef fishing in Daytona BeachSnapper are schooling all over the artificial reefs and daily bag limits are high in both state and federal waters for most Snapper species including Vermilion, Gray (Mangrove), Mutton, Cubera, Lane, Yellowtail, Queen, Blackfin, Schoolmaster, Silk, Dog and Mahogany Snapper!

You'll probably catch a few 20 to 30 pound Red Snappers on an offshore charter with Captain Corey. On many of our offshore fishing trips this summer we're catching a lot! Red Snappers are strictly regulated in state and federal waters. Even though Red Snappers may be “Catch and Release” only during your fishing trip in Daytona Beach, they are still a lot of fun to catch! Ask Captain Corey about current Red Snapper seasons. We know it's tempting to keep everything we catch, but we won't break the law for anyone!

Summer starts Grouper Season in Florida.
Grouper season begins in May and runs all summer long in state and local waters for Gag Grouper, Black, Red, Scamp, Yellowfin, Yellowmouth, Hind, Coney, Tiger, Yellowedge and Snowy Grouper. Some Grouper species are prohibited from harvest such as the Warsaw and Goliath Grouper but even these “Catch and Release” species are a lot of fun to catch!

More Reef Fish!
There are lots of other species inhabiting the reefs such as Triggerfish, Black Sea Bass, Weakfish and Flounder as well as plenty patrolling the waters above such as Amberjacks, Cobia and Sharks. Fishing over Daytona Beach's offshore reefs, whether bottom fishing or trolling, is the fastest way to the fish!

Summer deep sea fishing near Daytona Beach, FloridaTROLLING
The trolling action is great above and around the reefs during the summer months in Daytona Beach, even around the artificial reefs closer to shore that are easily reached with a 4 hour charter. Many highly desirable species are caught while trolling around the reefs including Amberjacks, Cobia, Dolphinfish (Mahi-mahi), Permit, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Sharks, Barracuda and more.

Want to do some serious trolling for fast moving gamefish? Captain Corey can arrange 6 and 8 hour offshore fishing trips that will give you plenty of extra time to troll for Sailfish, Dolphinfish (Mahi-mahi), Tuna, Wahoo, Cobia, King Mackerel, Barracuda and even large migratory Sharks.

Captain Corey will work with you to deliver the kind of offshore fishing you're after. We can bottom fish or troll or do both depending on what's biting and what you're after. Either way, you'll have a lot of fun and make some great memories fishing offshore with Captain Corey and On The Hook Charters.


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